Why did you choose the name Persist?

How long does it take to play?

Gameplay typically lasts between one to two hours depending on number of players (7+ will take closer to two hours). For a quicker game, skip value ranking and play until someone achieves any three milestones.

How many people can play?

Persist works well with 3 or more inspiring friends. For groups larger than 8 players, we recommend the shortened version outlined in our instructions. 

What do you need to play?

Not much! It’s a simple game. In addition to the boxed card set and score sheets, you will need a writing utensil for each player to keep score. Other things we recommend: some great friends, libations, and snacks.

Is there a cheat sheet with the different card actions?

Why, yes! We have created a cheat sheet that you can print out for easy reference during the game. 

What makes the game unique?

The game is unique because it is the first female-centric game designed to foster a broad range of conversations that build solidarity and deep connection. Additionally, the game entails a simple but innovative mix of strategy and social elements.

Is it safe to play with professional colleagues?

While some cards within Persist may be NSFW, playing with coworkers or colleagues at an off-site meeting or happy hour is a great time, though we do suggest you already have a level of friendship and understanding before playing in this setting.

You say the game is versatile. What does that mean exactly?

By “versatile,” we mean that the game can be played in multiple locations with many different mixes of players—all unique but equally fun. We are confident of this claim because of the beta testing we performed.

What type of women will enjoy this game? For example, does it appeal to women whose work involves choosing to stay at home with kids?

If you are a woman with ambition, regardless of your field, we strongly believe you will love Persist. We believe leading a life of boldness and courage are the threads of commonality that weave together our solidarity as strong women who choose to Persist—and this especially applies to mothers whose full-time work is at-home with kids.

Can you play with men and do they even enjoy it?

You can absolutely play with men. The vast majority of men who have played Persist enjoy the game—and although gameplay is different with men, it’s a great time. A mixed group on a weekend getaway may have a different experience than a small group of friends playing as a BYOB girls night. Different vibes, but equally fun.

What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing personal information during gameplay?

Every player is 100% in control of what cards they play, what information they share, and what depth or detail they provide. If you really don’t feel comfortable playing a certain “sharing” card, for example, then you can either choose not to play it, or you may trade it in.

Is this game liberal or conservative or somehow partisan?

We do not have partisan political content in this game, though there are trivia cards that include reference to legislation involving women’s issues. We understand that persistent women have different viewpoints and we celebrate diversity in opinions. We do not believe party affiliation is what defines a woman’s level of persistence.  

So are you ladies—gasp—Feminists?

Yes, we are proud, unashamed feminist. We believe in the crazy idea that women should be treated as equals to men. We also believe our country (and the world) has a long way to go before this becomes a reality. If you don’t believe this, we hope one of your friends buys Persist and invites you to play. 

You claim the game can breakdown ‘echo chambers’ on topics of feminism. How?

Persist uses humor as an accessible, fresh, and engaging way to break down the stigma that often comes with the word “feminism.” We beta tested with people on opposite ends of the feminist spectrum, and have found that humor works to provide a space for meaningful conversations built from the female perspective (Truth: we had a young adult male learn what a pap smear was as a result of plaything this game). Turns out, everyone enjoys laughing! We believe laughter and entertainment have repeatedly proven to be successful mediums for change. Based on our multiple, diverse rounds of beta testing, we believe we have nailed this formula.

How can I connect with the Persist community?

If you have content recommendations, press inquires, or just want to chat, contact us directly or connect through TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.