What is Persist?

Persist is a card game that helps women laugh at the ridiculous role assigned to them in the game of life. The double standards. Being told to smile by strangers. Mansplainers and manspreaders. Unsolicited questions about family planning. Not to mention all the ways women are doomed to fail at living up to culture’s standard of womanly virtue and grace. We know we sweat, we don’t glow.  

Persist calls bullshit. By asking women, their friends and allies to put all the cards out on the table—by being real—Persist invites women to laugh, learn from each other, connect meaningfully… and get up to fight another day.

How to Play Persist

Be the most persistent by earning three cards of the same life value (career, health, leisure or relationships) to achieve a milestone. Collect three milestones to win.

Cards fall under six categories of gameplay: truth, would you rather, trivia, sharing, roadblocks, act it out, and the occasional wild card. Each category requires a different kind of action for the player to perform individually, with others, or even the whole group. Once played your cards may not be safe! Other players may steal your cards if they are going after the same values. This is where things get fun!

Download the full instructions here, and print out these cheat sheets for easy reference during game play. 

How to Host with the Most

Persist is a unique game experience. It doesn’t fit inside the box, despite coming in such a stylish one. In fact, Persist represents a new kind of game, a “soirée game.” We like to think of soirées as a grown-up version of our old school slumber parties, where you stay up all night and yet have nothing to regret the next day.

Plan to play Persist with panache. Invite people you admire or adoreacquaintances, coworkers, friends and best friends, or really anyone who could let some steam out. Pop open some wine or concoct a new drink, make some small plates, and don’t forget dessert. At the end of the night, you’ll have such a great time that you’ll want to keep Persist proudly displayed on your coffee table, the perfect conversation piece that’s ready for your next soirée.

Persist can be the focal point of your next girls’ night, or the guest of honor at a couples’ retreat. It can even serve as an ice-breaker at a family weekend at the beach!


"Persist was such a fun experience to play not only with my ladies, but their men too! The game opened our group up to questions that we've never covered before (and we thought we knew A LOT about each other.) I just love how it's designed to make every one tell interesting stories and challenges. Definitely play this with all of your friends. It will bring you together on an entirely different level. Oh, and it's pretty enough to keep on your coffee table!" - Alicia, Beta #11

"Persist was the quintessential game for my backyard BBQ bash! It had the ideal mix of all of my favorite games in one, but with some extra twists.  My husband & I love playing games and we are always searching for the perfect game to play with our friends. This one was it! We laughed, we shouted (sorry neighbors),  and we celebrated. Alas, my pregnant friend hustled us all; she complained of "pregnancy brain", then preceded to kick ass at all the 'Act it Out' cards. She ended up winning and as the gracious host I tried not to be bitter (ha!).  My friends are still talking about this game, TRUTH! " - Autumn, Beta #11

Persist game play

"Playing Persist made game night a new experience. It had us sharing personal stories and thinking about important issues, all while laughing. A bottle of wine and Persist, the game is the new girls night!" - Emily, Beta #1

"I think what struck me most about the game was how even playing with like-minded people, we had varying opinions on hot-button topics. It further proved to me that you can always find a thread of commonality regardless of your age, background, etc. and that it's so important to have an open discussion about real issues in a way that's non-threatening, and honestly just super fun. I can't wait to get this bad-girl on my own coffee table." - Kiersten, Beta #2