About Us (the bride and groom)

The Proposal (the story)

Ceremony, Reception, & Accomodations (when/where)

The Wedding Party (the bridal participants)

The Registries (gift preferences)

About the bride

Kathryn Rae Holland was born February 9, 1988 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She moved to Tucson in 2006 to study Finance at the University of Arizona. At first she thought Tucson was a horrible place filled with cowboys and unbearable heat, until she met Joey....

About the groom

Joseph Stephen Ekloff was born January 30, 1986 in Bronx, NY. More commonly referred to as Joey, he moved to Tucson with his big family in 1997. As a Visual Communications major with an emphasis in Graphic Design, Joey had a dull vision of Tucson, until he met Kathryn...

How we met

A mutual friend, Jayme, introduced Joey and Kathryn. Kathryn's roommate and best friend, Lindsey, had previously met Joey and told Kathryn that she had a feeling that Joey and Kathryn would hit it off... boy was she right!

For Joey and Kathryn's first date, they went dancing on Valentine's Day, and they instantly connected. They knew that two people with such "awesome" and perhaps "frightening" dance skills were a match made in heaven (and on the dance floor)!